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About the Tours

YTT runs coed tours for modern orthodox high school students. Our tours offer so much more than your typical summer camp. Each YTT trip features incredible sites at some of the worlds most popular destinations. We travel via a full size coach bus to a new adventure each and every day, aside from shabbat which features incredible ruach, bonding, and of course, food. 


YTT recruits participants from all around the world (New York, Florida, Chicago, LA, Boston, Canada, Israel, etc) and beyond.  If you are looking to make new friends and have a great time traveling out west, then this tour is for you.


All of our tours will be run by a highly selective group of hard working, talented, and committed staff. Click here to access our staff page and learn more about each member of our upper staff. 


  • The Director oversee's all aspects of the tour, from social dynamics to logistical coordination. For Summer 2024, the head counselor on YTT West is (not surprisingly) going to be Yoram Roschwalb!

  • Boys & Girls Head Counselor - The job of a Head Counselor is all encompassing. From rule enforcement to providing emotional support to running our basketball intramural, our Head Counselors are multi facetted and prepared to do whatever is necessary to ensure our campers have an incredible summer. 

  • Counselors - The sole focus of a counselor is to ensure that our participants have the most amazing summer of their lives. Our counselors are there to help our participants with any and every aspect of the tour and will serve as role models, both religiously and socially. Counselors must be at least 2 years out of high school.  

  • Rabbi & Director of Chinuch - Each YTT trip will be staffed with two Rabbinic leader. From teaching Torah to leading davening, our Rabbis are there to ensure our trips are infused with yiddishkeit!

  • Logistical Coordinator (LC) - The LC accompanies the tour to assist the group with various needs such as picking up medications, taking care of sick participants, purchasing tour supplies, and other various trip logistics. 


YTT's top priority is the safety and health of every participant. Participants will never be left alone anywhere at any time. Participants will be expected to stay with the program at all times unless he/she is accompanied by a counselor.  During free time at an attraction, participants will be expected to stay in groups and never walk around by themselves. Participants will have a curfew each night when they are required to be in their rooms. Leaving one’s room after final curfew, barring medical emergency, will result in strong disciplinary consequences. 

Room and Board

Meals are provided three times a day either by YTT's caterer, or local kosher restaurants. We generally stay in 3 star hotels. Boys and girls rooms will usually be in separate areas of the hotel (i.e. different floors, opposite wings, etc).

Religious Policies

All of our tours are completely shomer shabbat. On YTT, Shabbat provides an opportunity for our participants to engage in meaningful Torah learning, eat delicious meals, and catch up on some sleep. Our davening, tisches and havdalah will be extremely lively. 

All food provided by YTT will be strictly kosher. Our participants are expected to maintain kashrut when they purchase snacks on their own (at amusement parks, baseball games, etc). 

Torah learning is an important part of our day. There will be a dvar Torah in the morning and evening at davening. Additionally, our Rabbi will be offering several shiurim and chaburot throughout the week. Some will be mandatory but not all. 

Behavioral Policies

We expect all participants to live up to the highest standards of behavior in terms of how they treat their fellow participants, hotel/attraction employees, and fellow hotel/attraction guests that we may interact with along the way.

We do not expect anyone to be expelled off the tour, but we are prepared to do so if a situation arises where it becomes necessary.


Any of the following are grounds for expulsion:

  • Usage of, possession, or any involvement with tobacco products, vaping products, alcohol, drugs (if not prescribed for you), firearms or other contraband.

  • Vandalism or intentional destruction of public or private property

  • Leaving the trip without permission from the staff.

  • Entry into a hotel room of the opposite gender. 

  • Any disregard of the religious practices and standards.

  • Leaving your hotel room after curfew. 

Dress Code

Our dress code has been implemented to create a comfortable atmosphere for all and to ensure that our participants are dressed in a manner that reflects our values.

  • Sleeveless shirts are not allowed

  • On Shabbat, all outfits should reflect our shabbat spirit.  

  • For boys, a head covering must be worn at all times. Tzitzit must be worn at shacharit. 


Should a participant suffer any sort of injury or medical condition which requires medical attention, the YTT staff will be in touch with his/her parents to coordinate whatever care is necessary to get that person feeling better and fully recuperated.  While YTT does not have a doctor or nurse traveling with the tour, we have a logistical coordinator (sort of a "Tour Mom") who will arrange whatever medical care is necessary depending on the situation.  This may include visits to doctor's offices, emergency rooms and most often, urgent care clinics. If a participant needs to temporarily stay back at our hotel to rest or recover, they will always be supervised and cared for by a staff member. If a participant is unable to travel on our bus when the group is moving to a new location, we will arrange for that person to travel by staff car or professional hired transportation together with a staff member.  In all instances, working together with parents, we will try and get the participant patched up and feeling better so they can rejoin normal participation of the tour as soon as possible.


YTT will always make every reasonable effort to avoid exposing allergic participants to any allergens that may affect them.  However, in spite of those efforts, food served on YTT, or provided by restaurants visited during the tour, may contain or come into contact with common allergens, such as dairy, eggs, wheat, soybeans, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, sesame, gluten, etc. While YTT will take steps to minimize the risks and safely handle the foods that contain potential allergens, it is impossible to guarantee there will be no cross contamination, as factors beyond YTT’s reasonable control may alter the formulations of the food provided on the tour. This is especially true given the many different caterers, restaurants and food vendors which YTT relies upon for food service. All parents will need to sign a waiver assuming full liability and holding YTT harmless for any adverse reactions their child may have due to exposure to allergens while on the tour.

Please feel free to call us for more information about any of the above.


We are happy to discuss any aspect of the tour and tell you all about our plans for the summer.

Phone: 917 423-6629 - Call us directly to talk to Yoram and learn more about YTT.

Email: - If you have quick questions about anything, drop us an email.

Mailing Address: All written correspondence or checks should be made out to Yoram's Teen Tours and sent to: 


PO Box 64-1086

North Miami Beach, Florida 33164

Information Sessions:  YTT conducts numerous Information Sessions each year both virtually and, G-d willing, in-person at people's homes. These generally take place in the fall. If you would like to host a session in your home, please call, email or use the Connect With Us button above. 

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